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A Suite Of Analytics Tools Designed To Measure and Improve Radiologist Quality, Productivity and Outcomes

Get a GRIP on your Data

Accurate and robust data is one of the most powerful tools available to any business.  If an independent radiology group is not making data driven decisions, they’re leaving money on the table and could be stifling their own growth.  For the independent groups out there, it becomes more and more crucial every year to develop a stronger business case.  Whether they’re are seeking to bring on new sites or looking to better utilize their current resources, radiology analytics is the key to proper decision making.

“Canopy brought us a very robust data set that is essentially bulletproof and unarguable in terms of its accuracy.  So, from that starting point of truth, we are able to have very meaningful conversations within our group about what we are currently doing and where we want to be.“

Dr. Eric Mansell
Former President, Greensboro Radiology

Canopy Partners wants you in control of your group’s data. 

Our proprietary analytical software, GRIP® - Global Radiology Information Platform - enables your leadership team to have reliable, real-time decision making metrics measuring radiology analytics.  GRIP® empowers practices to analyze data across disparate systems, track productivity metrics and create role-based reporting dashboards.  

GRIP® measures key elements in your practice by becoming a pathway in which your data is channeled.  Working with Canopy Partners will take the invaluable data your practice produces and place it in your hands.  Groups that gain this type of access to their own data are stronger, better positioned and light-years ahead of the majority of independent practices. 

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