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The new gold standard in imaging: Combining radiologists and machine learning to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

A One-Stop-Shop Approach to Imaging AI

The Role of AI in Radiology

Artificial intelligence is quickly being adopted in the field of radiology and is changing the process of providing diagnostic care.

Across the nation, AI is being used to improve healthcare outcomes and drive return on investment by:

  • Prioritizing patients for immediate interpretation
  • Identifying incidental findings
  • Reducing length of stay
  • Streamlining clinical workflow and reducing reading time
  • Standardizing reporting

Radiology AI-as-a-Service, Not Just Software

Canopy Partners’ Radiology AI-as-a-Service offering is an all-inclusive approach to artificial intelligence that allows health systems to stay focused on their core business. Radiology artificial intelligence-as-a-Service helps health systems expand their IT portfolio to improve workflow efficiency, while keeping internal resources dedicated to the patient experience. 

Our role at Canopy Partners is to be your single source provider. We will help you with everything from radiology AI strategy to implementation to support

For every $1 invested in technology, $3.41 is spent on services to make it work.

Forrester Research 2019


Proven Value Across the Workflow

96% Solution Accuracy Across Multiple Facilities


Expedite Patient Treatment

36.6% Improvement in Turnaround Time


Prioritize Urgent Cases

5 Minutes from Scan to Notification

Comprehensive AI from a Trusted Radiology Partner

Canopy Partners has a proven track record of transforming radiology. Our national scale allows us to offer a no-risk early adopter program and attractive pricing for our partners. Combining our machine learning artificial intelligence with your radiologists can help your health system run efficiently and raise the standard of patient care.

We specialize in full scope Change Management:

  • Vendor evaluation
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • System testing
  • Workflow optimization
  • Systems integration
  • Level 1 support (24x7x365)

We have the ability to train other stakeholders (techs, nurses, referring MDs, administrators, etc.) who will be users of the software.

In the future, we can assist with implementation of new AI offerings (acute, mammography, IR, oncology, outpatient, etc.). We have learned from experience that the hardest part of AI adoption is change management and physician education and training. We want to help keep radiologists fully engaged and utilizing the system to improve patient care and outcomes. 

The Canopy Partners AI Acute Care Suite

Our AI Acute Care Suite is built to improve diagnostic accuracy and has been shown to reduce length of stay by 1–2 days for PE and stroke patients. It provides compelling financial ROI and is a powerful marketing tool for your patients and referring community.

If your organization is trying to navigate the myriad of AI products and vendors, let us be your one-stop-shop and trusted advisors. We are experts in the field and have a proven track record of delivering imaging AI that improves patient care and achieves meaningful return on investment for your health system.

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