May 20, 2021

Survey Says - Workflow Optimization, Unified Reading Platforms and AI are the Top Priorities

A recently published nationwide survey of radiology executives elicited insightful responses from leaders, directors, managers and radiologists representing 67 organizations in 24 states. Respondent types included CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, Administrators, IT & Radiology Directors, and Radiologists from hospitals, radiology practices and imaging centers. The goal of the survey was to help imaging organizations to establish benchmarks and navigate the road ahead. To take a deep dive into the survey findings, Innovate Healthcare recently spoke with two Canopy executives who spearheaded the project—Reed Humphrey, VP of Technology Consulting, and Stephen Willis, VP of Advanced Technology Solutions. They pinpointed the results which included workflow optimization, unified reading platforms and radiology AI, offering insights on each.

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