Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Experience with successful IT conversions and keen marketplace awareness enables Canopy Partners to help radiology firms quickly and effectively evaluate and select the right vendors.

No one wants to reinvent the wheel or spend years in the evaluation and selection process for IT and workflow vendors.

You just want to create an exceptional user experience for radiologists so they can focus on patient outcomes. Canopy Partners helps you evaluate and select products from among the leading vendors for Radiology worklist, PACS, voice recognition, analytics, interface engine, and more as well as design an implementation project plan.

Canopy facilitates decisions based on needs and current market developments. The outcomes are quick scale-up and right-sized team.

"Canopy Partners is empowering imaging providers to focus on value-based patient care.  Customized workflow solutions are designed with your goals in mind.  Integrated software platforms and homogenized reading environments.  Our solutions are end to end and customized to fit your needs exclusively."

Stephen Willis
Canopy Partners

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