Radiology Imaging Technology Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Experience with successful IT conversions and keen marketplace awareness enables Canopy Partners to help radiology firms quickly and effectively evaluate and select the right vendors.

Product Evaluation to Maximize Efficiency

Canopy Partners helps radiology businesses evaluate select products from among the leading vendors for Radiology worklist, PACS, voice recognition, radiology analytics, interface engine, and more as well as design an implementation project plan. The process involves evaluation of vendors based on specific criteria developed in collaboration with each organization. The payoff allows the organization to determine the top platforms that put themselves in the best position moving forward.

Example of process includes:

Meet with key stakeholders & define executive criteria

  • Defined goals of the new system
  • Key elements and concerns
  • Agree on finalists
  • Develop a project plan

Product Demonstrations and vendor interviews

  • Meet with finalists to review their features and functionality
  • Evaluate responsiveness and flexibility

Finalize Request for Information

  • Compile information from demos including essential features and functionality
  • Send to the vendors for response

Create a comprehensive comparison matrix

  • Weigh and score each vendor based on specific needs

Provide a determination to the client


“The amount of work they saved us from vendor calls and long Webex demo sessions, and maximizing the ability to compare and contrast products was substantial.”

Mike Brown, MD
Former Managing Partner
Carolina Radiology

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