Radiology IT & Management Consulting Services

Get expert guidance and best practice direction from professionals who work solely with hospital radiology departments and practices.

Honing the information and deliverables radiology & healthcare professionals need to remain competitive and effective in a rapidly changing environment is Canopy Partners’ passion.

There are many steps between making technology change decisions and implementation. We offer a wide range of opportunities to assist you along the way, from the annual executive-level Imaging Summit events to streamlining your workflow services and vendor evaluation and selection processes.

Radiology Consulting

We’ve built a team of industry thought leaders with the experience to offer decision-makers expert guidance and best practice recommendations within every area impacting imaging professionals today. Contact us to let us dive into the nuts and bolts of practice management and key growth challenge areas with you, saving you time and money.

Strategy and Advisory

Enterprise Imaging IT Assessments Icon

Enterprise Imaging IT Assessments

Understand specific challenges as well as evaluate the current working environment. For example, planning for unified worklists, HL7 Interface support, overall IT environment, staffing, investment analysis, and much more. Enterprise Imaging IT Assessments

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Workflow Optimization

Streamline your workflow services with experts in radiology & healthcare IT by utilizing custom radiology workflow solutions that unite all of your systems and software. Learn about Workflow Optimization

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Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Our experience with successful IT conversions and keen marketplace awareness enables us to help radiology firms in transition determine true need and learn from the successes and mistakes of others. Learn about Vendor Evaluation and Selection

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Solution Design Architecture

Canopy helps our clients learn how to make the interface and data flow work as well as consult on how to build the right IT infrastructure for workflow, voice recognition, and PACS. 

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