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“I use them as a resource on a daily basis.  They're very knowledgeable, and have great support and follow up.  It's helpful when it comes to billing and collections to have someone you can trust to take care over the business side of the operations.”

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Radiology & Imaging Outsourced Billing


Billing is one of the most essential elements to the growth of Radiology practices.  Ineffective radiology billing procedures and clunky automated software can end up costing groups hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed or delayed reimbursements.  Whether or not a group is properly billing and coding can drastically impact the growth and health of the practice.  Groups can allocate a large amount of their resources to billing departments and if they’re not working at an extremely high efficiency rate, they could be losing a significant amount of money.  Having a dedicated team on site can be comforting, but many billing departments fail to ensure that every dollar they’ve earned, gets collected.


Canopy Partners offers a highly effective outsourced radiology billing service.  Our employee average 20+ years in healthcare collections, gives you the advantage of corporate expertise and the attention of a small business.  Our solution is end to end and approaches Radiology billing from your perspective.  Radiology practices that outsource their billing needs to Canopy Partners enjoy the freedom to focus on practice growth and patient health, while also seeing higher reimbursements.  Canopy Partners implements a full suite of effective, proficient and leading billing solutions.  Our incredibly accurate coders are fully certified and set a high bar for accuracy.  Our team will go after for every last dollar that you’ve earned and give you access to your data, unlike most other billing companies.





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