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Interview With Matthew Manning, MD

President, Piedmont Radiation Oncology

"For routine day-to-day billing and collection, Canopy provides reliable stable support with experienced staff which leads to a consistently high collection percentage while making favorable impression on patients… I would recommend Canopy as a partner to any medical practice in need of a strong advocate for success”.

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For a radiation oncology group, processing medical billing and filing medical insurance claims internally can often take up too much of a physician’s valuable time. The professionals at Canopy Partners can bill and process claims so that your medical staff will have more time to care for patients. Our educated, experienced staff understands the changing coding requirements and complex regulations and can increase your cash flow. We use the latest technology available to get the maximum reimbursements for your practice.


We have over 30 years of experience in radiation oncology revenue cycle management services.  Our team of radiation oncology billing experts, which includes staff with clinical experience and certified coders, will work with your practice to ensure that you will receive the maximum reimbursement for services provided.  


In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, it is crucial to have a business partner who understands your business environment and can customize services to meet the individual needs of your practice.  In addition to revenue cycle management services, Canopy Partners, Inc. can provide services in other areas such as Coding & Compliance, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources and Managed Care Contract Negotiations.  Canopy Partners is a management service organization with innovative, personalized solutions.



  • Members of SROA (Society of Radiation Oncology Administrators)
  • Radiation Oncology Certified (ROCC) Certified Coders
  • ASTRO Conference participants








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