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CARE Payments

Real-Time Patient Payment Estimation

CARE Payments

CARE Payments automates and accurately produces patient estimates prior to or at the time of service and increases cash collections by 40 percent on average. Staff now focuses on collecting from patients, which increases up-front cash collections and decreases write-offs to bad debt.

Research strongly suggests that patients want cost information from their own physicians and hospitals; the caregivers who know what services a patient will receive. If providers don’t offer this service, payers and other third-parties are anxious to fill this void.


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CARE Payment Estimation Benefits


CARE Payments replaces unreliable manual estimates with accurate calculations of a patient’s financial responsibility.  The system automatically retrieves and combines data from payer portals and charge master data to present an estimate based on the most current information available on patient coverage.  It checks to find out if financial assistance is available for self-pay patients.


CARE Payments aids in the financial clearance process by determining propensity to pay or charity qualification, without requiring an intrusive credit check. The system is the most intelligent patient estimate service on the market, even evaluating patient estimates against previously adjudicated claims to identify variances—significantly decreasing likelihood of refunds and supplemental bills.


CARE Payments integrates payment posting files with optional feature to support detailed reporting on actual collections relative to total opportunity.  It produces global estimates and both facility and professional charges making a seamless patient estimation experience.  It easily works within major systems like Epic, turning basic patient estimation features into dynamic, accurate intelligence on the patient’s true financial responsibility.


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Canopy CARE

Clinical Automated Referral Engine 


Canopy CARE is an end-to-end automated referral management platform for medical imaging providers.  This advanced healthcare software helps your practice provide a streamlined patient experience while simultaneously reducing claims denials and accelerating cash collections. Canopy CARE bundles together Eligibility Verification, Payment Estimation, Authorization Status Updates & Denial Prevention.








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