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CARE Orders

Receive Orders & Send Results In A Variety Of Formats

CARE Orders

Integration Made Easy 

CARE Orders enables secure, instant communication with your referring providers—no installs, no downloads, no complex interfaces.

Any document.
From any application.
From any medical group.
Sent directly to your practice with a single click.


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Free Yourself From Administrative Bottlenecks

With one click, referring providers can directly and securely transmit orders, patient jackets, insurance cards or any other clinical information. You and your providers can be freed from complex interfaces and site-to-site integration issues.


Five available modules are:

Script Sender - This is the core application that allows referring offices to print orders to you rather than fax them. A simple print driver is installed on their workstation that allows them, from their own EM, to select your practice as a printer while in the order, history, or any screen of their EMR. This print job then comes directly to your practice and can be download in a variety of formats.

Translation Services - Auto-analyzes and auto-routes submitted documents in the way that works best for your practice. It can auto-write an order directly into your EMR or create an HL7 file to use for import into another system.

Web Orders - From any system, referring providers can send highly customizable web orders, including attached documents and images. Guided order entry and integrated ICD10 coding reduce errors, and a complete audit trail allows providers to track order activity.

Image Viewer - All study information, reports and itnages can be accessed by your referring providers from anywhere. The lightweight Image Viewer can auto-launch with one click on an embedded link in a report-no matter which platform or device the clinician is using.

Report Sender - With integration to any EMR, ReportSender streamlines delivery of patient results. Referring providers get reports instantly and securely in whatever way they prefer-to a portal available 24/7/365, to a mapped drive in their system or directly to their server.


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Canopy CARE

Clinical Automated Referral Engine 

Canopy CARE is an end-to-end automated referral management platform for medical imaging providers.  This advanced healthcare software helps your practice provide a streamlined patient experience while simultaneously reducing claims denials and accelerating cash collections. Canopy CARE bundles together Eligibility Verification, Payment Estimation, Authorization Status Updates & Denial Prevention.




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