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CARE Authorization

Automated Prior Authorization Checks For Radiology Exams

Authorization Management

Reduce authorization related denials, keep up with payer changes, and secure authorizations prior to service.

CARE Authorization replaces or significantly reduces manual authorization verification. Medical and administrative staff hours will no longer be spent calling payers or checking payer websites to verify which procedures will be covered.  CARE AuthInitiate makes credential management efforts even easier by automatically initiating authorization for scheduled services through payer websites or fax system.


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How CARE Authorization Works


CARE Authorization automatically queries payer websites for authorization information by payer/patient/procedure and quickly returns authorization status, number, and expiration date in a fraction of the time manual checking takes.  It Integrates your inbound and outbound RCM tools with all major HIS systems (Epic, Cerner/Siemens, McKesson, Meditech), including all ICD-10 updates


CARE Authorization houses more than 590,000 updated payer rules and keeps current with changing authorization requirements for different procedures.  It maintains up-to-date exception-based authorization lists and can even fax authorization requests to physicians for follow-up.  The system flags and generates ABNs and Non-Coverage Notices for commercial payers and Medicare.  This minimizes inpatient admission notification risk by automatically notifying payers of admissions, even during the middle of the night and on weekends.


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Canopy CARE

Clinical Automated Referral Engine 

Canopy CARE is an end-to-end automated referral management platform for medical imaging providers.  This advanced healthcare software helps your practice provide a streamlined patient experience while simultaneously reducing claims denials and accelerating cash collections. Canopy CARE bundles together Eligibility Verification, Payment Estimation, Authorization Status Updates & Denial Prevention.








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