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Canopy CARE

An End-to-End Automated Referral Management Platform for Medical Imaging Providers

Canopy CARE

Clinical Automated Referral Engine

A turnkey referral management solution for Radiology and Imaging Practices.  

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive healthcare market your imaging practice must develop and maintain a strong network of referring providers. Facilities that can make it faster and easier for their partners to send business to them are likely to benefit from increased referrals and reduced cancellations. 

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Referral Management Formula For Success

Canopy CARE is an end-to-end automated referral management platform for medical imaging providers.  This advanced healthcare software helps your practice provide a streamlined patient experience while simultaneously reducing claims denials and accelerating cash collections. Canopy CARE bundles together Eligibility Verification, Payment Estimation, Authorization Status Updates & Denial Prevention.

CARE Eligibility 

Increases data quality while reducing administrative expenses. The combination of electronic data with payer portal data returns the most comprehensive eligibility and benefit detail, resulting in a clear picture of a patient’s benefits.

CARE Authorization 

Automatically queries payer websites for authorization information by payer/patient/procedure. It quickly returns with authorization status, number, and expiration date in a fraction of the time manual checking takes. 

CARE Estimation 

Automates and accurately produces patient estimates prior to or at the time of service. Staff now focuses on collecting from patients, which increases up-front cash collections and decreases write-offs to bad debt.


CARE Integration 

Enables secure data exchange and connectivity to and from referring facilities using our interface engine. Canopy CARE can receive orders and send results in a variety of formats. 

Canopy CARE Benefits

Simplify and automate your entire referral management process

Make it hassle free for providers to send referrals to your practice 

Eliminate manual steps required to perform prior authorizations, eligibility checks, payment estimations & updates

Free up time to focus on other mission critical priorities

Save time and money for your practice, and for you referring providers

Gain a unique competitive advantage in your local market








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