Radiology Concierge Service

An Outsourced Call Center Service That Improves Radiologist Efficiency and Productivity

Free Up Your Radiologists So They Can Practice At The Top Of Their Licenses


Here are two jars with the exact same amount of sand and rocks. When you put the sand in first you don’t have any room left for the big rocks.  But if you put the big rocks in first, the sand fills in around them. So with all of the things competing for our time, how can we minimize the sand and put the big rocks first? With our newly released radiology concierge services, Canopy Partners can help your radiologists achieve this.

The primary function of the Radiology Concierge Service is to increase efficiency of physicians by taking non-productive non-clinical work off of Radiologists’ hands and allocating those duties to assistants.

Professional Radiology Assistants (PRA's) function as an outsourced call center and reading room assistants for radiology organizations. The primary work performed is correcting study errors, communicating with the referring physician population via telephone, and responding to other radiologists’ needs.

"The Radiology Concierge Service is an absolute game changer. For example, if there is a physician that is trying to reach someone in our group, which is a sub-specialized group of nearly 80 radiologists, they have a single number to call."

Heath McCullough, MD
Greensboro Radiology

By bundling a "Smart Worklist" and "Professional Reading Room Assistants" solutions together to create “Radiology Concierge Service”, Canopy Partners can improve groups’ productivity by 5-10%, saving each rad 3 to 6 mins per hour. This combination of technology and call center support dramatically improves accessibility and quality of care by enabling the right study to be assigned to the right rad at the right time, every time.

Common tasks that can be offloaded to the Radiology Concierge Service include: 

  • Reading Room phone coverage, inbound and outbound
  • Communicating & documenting important findings to ordering physicians
  • Instant messaging, call reports, critical findings, ACR registry data entry
  • Requests for comparative studies and relevant clinical history
  • Contacting techs - missing images, ultrasound worksheets, history, etc.
  • Assisting Radiologists during downtimes

RBMA: Reclaim Your Time with a Concierge Service
Implementing a radiology concierge service can alleviate the administrative tasks that can de-rail your image interpretation time.
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"Our practice has used the Canopy Partners Radiology Concierge Service for eight years and Canopy’s team handles 57,000+ calls per year."

Dr. Jim Maxwell
President of Greensboro Radiology