Radiology IT Implementation

Walking alongside clients from concept to implementation of integrated technology solutions

Canopy Partners has the expertise to walk alongside clients to achieve a project of the scope and scale needed, from concept to implementation.

  1. Help identify shortcomings in infrastructure and IT staffing that need to be corrected before project start
  2. Match up products that work together across our entire enterprise to provide a single user experience for our Radiologists
  3. Bring an experienced team that’s done it successfully
  4. Help to not repeat past mistakes or missteps
  5. Sit on the same side of the negotiating table to ensure reasonable contracts to make this a financially viable project
  6. Design a system that works

“Working closely with Canopy Partners has been very very successful for us. Having all of those images stored into one large database that can easily be pulled back by the radiologist for comparison, as well as the referring physicians, it's a big advantage. It's all available on that timeline."

Chris DeAngelo
Director of Imaging Technology
Alamance Regional Health Center

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