December 4, 2018

Canopy Partners Announces National Launch of Radiology Concierge Service Desk

An Outsourced Call Center Service That Improves Radiologist Efficiency & Productivity. 

In response to strong client demand, Canopy Partners has recently launched an outsourced call center for supporting radiologists in the many communication and administrative tasks that impact their workflow. The program, called the Radiology Concierge Desk, is extremely effective at improving service for referring physicians and other healthcare personnel by ensuring they can get to the right radiologist to answer their question. It also improves efficiency of radiologists by reducing interruptions so that radiologists can focus more of their time on reading exams and providing accurate interpretations.

The Radiology Concierge Desk leverages a “Smart Worklist” and a team of “Professional Radiology Assistants”, to divert phone calls and other administrative tasks to support personnel, who can handle many tasks that commonly fall to radiologists in the reading room. By bundling these two solutions together Canopy Partners has created a highly differentiated offering that can improve a radiologist’s productivity by 5-10%, saving each radiologist 3 to 6 mins per hour. The program can also improve accessibility, turnaround times and quality of care by enabling the right study to be assigned to the right radiologist at the right time, every time.