February 17, 2020

INFORMATION IS POWER - The Value Of Getting An Objective, Independent Look At Your Practice From A Trusted Third Party

Developing a Roadmap for Investment

“In a highly competitive field like radiology, trust is everything, but knowledge is power.”

These were Tiffany Mullis-Brittain’s words when interviewed regarding the path Catawba Radiology Associates took to make informed decisions about investments and technology. As Catawba Radiology’s Executive Director, Mullis-Brittain knew that the first step was understanding the myriad options and the costs associated with each.

Tiffany Mullis-Brittain

Tiffany Mullis-Brittain

Catawba Radiology engaged Canopy Partners to perform an objective, independent assessment of her practice’s IT and revenue cycle operations. The goal was to help their group develop a roadmap for future investments and provide recommendations to improve their business and competitiveness. The assessments provided insight into current gaps and deficient processes. “We got to know and trust Canopy Partners through the assessment project. It was a big deal. We learned a great deal about the market and how to optimize our workflow, processes and performance,” notes Mullis-Brittain.

Canopy Partners worked with Catawba Radiology’s key stakeholders to build a custom strategy for moving toward the vision that their imaging organization developed for the future. 

What's in “the Box” with Canopy Partners’ Consulting Packages?

When a practice comes to Canopy Partners for analysis, we spend time in the practice with key people to understand their unique situation and concerns.

We come back with a thorough executive summary report which addresses specifics based on where the practice’s business is currently and where they want to be down the road.

As Worth Saunders, Canopy CEO, often reminds people, “You can’t improve what you are not measuring.”

“Trust with physicians is tough to gain and maintain. Canopy does this so well because they are radiologists at heart,” says Mullis-Brittain. “Canopy gave us the information we needed to ask the right questions. In the end, it was a tremendous experience and engaging with Canopy was a no-brainer.”

Transparency, trust, best practices, cutting-edge technology – just a few of the ways that Canopy Partners is helping to fulfill its mission of elevating the role of medical imaging in the healthcare value chain.