Canopy Partners Events

Imaging Summit Series

Canopy Partners Summit Series are a highly rated, intensive events exclusively for C-suite executives, physician practice leaders as well as industry thought leaders from hospitals, private radiology practices, and outpatient imaging facilities from across the country who are interested in elevating their imaging game.

“If you want to see what standards are being set in the best Radiology practices, then this event is mandatory. The groups that are represented show the willingness and ability to lead our specialty no matter what changes may come."

Mike Brown, MD
Carolina Radiology Associates

“High level administrative information that you can't get anywhere else.”

Sharon Iverson
Executive Director
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, LLC

“Absolutely awesome event and educational for radiology practices' strategic planning and continued success with infrastructure/tools for more efficiency, etc."

Cindy Keese
High Plains Radiology

“Enormously helpful to our group on IT. Equally valuable for networking opportunities with other groups”.

John Bools, MD
Catawba Radiology

“The event is first rate in all facets. Well attended and organized, excellent content.”

Parke Keith
Radiology of Huntsville

“Great Networking event and a way to get the pulse of other practices in the region.”

Satish Mathan, MD
Raleigh Radiology

“Excellent to help you focus your high end strategy.”

William Muhr
South Jersey Radiology Associates

“Comprehensive gathering of leaders from the largest US radiology groups with intent to learn and network, unrivalled in my experience.”

Ben Panter
Founder & CEO
Blackford Analysis Ltd

“It's the best place to meet others from the industry and discuss trends, as well as exchange on solutions.”

Roger Sharoubim


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