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Stephen Willis, CTO

Canopy Partners is empowering imaging providers to focus on value-based patient care.  Customized workflow solutions are designed with your goals in mind.  Integrated software platforms and homogenized reading environments.  Our solutions are end to end and customized to fit your needs exclusively. 


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Canopy Partners delivers the full spectrum of workflow technologies for Radiology and medical imaging providers, including voice recognition and real-time interactive speech technology.  We utilize advanced enterprise level voice recognition software that empowers radiologists to be more fluid an efficient in their dictations.  We offer scalable VR solutions with the flexibility to customize workflows and maintain functional control.  We partner with advanced speech technologies to provide customized radiology templates and integrated PACS workflow.  This provides a truly dynamic and unified reporting environment that many practices are looking for.


There are a number of VR software platforms available in the market, it’s increasingly important to work with a partner that understands the needs of a radiologist.  Today more than ever, this service must be heavily integrated with the rest of the radiology workflow.  



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Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: