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Imaging IT As A Catalyst For Change 

Stephen Willis, CTO

Canopy Partners is empowering imaging providers to focus on value-based patient care.  Customized workflow solutions are designed with your goals in mind.  Integrated software platforms and homogenized reading environments.  Our solutions are end to end and customized to fit your needs exclusively. 


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High Level Support For Radiology & Imaging Business


Canopy Partners offers full radiology & imaging IT support for our systems.  No matter the time of day, someone will be available to help fix your issue.   We take steps to identify what happened and why, then work toward fixing the issue on the core level.  Your support is our primary concern and we go the extra mile to solve and prevent future downtimes. 


Year round 24x7 support for our clients.  We work hard to get problems fixed fast and keep them that way.  Well-trained, professional and courteous helpdesk technicians fixated on resolutions.  Speak with a real team member who will listen and understand your issue.  If we cannot solve your issue immediately, we will escalate the problem to the appropriate channels and inform you of solutions as soon as possible.







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Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: