February 17, 2020

Care Study: Radiology Concierge Service Frees Up to 3-6 Minutes per Hour for Radiologists

The Problem

Radiologists spend a good portion of every day answering phone calls and dealing with interruptions, distracting them from reading patient exams.

The Solution

Recognizing the frustration that radiologists feel when distracted repeatedly, Canopy Partners developed the Radiology Concierge Service - an outsourced call center that reroutes phone calls for radiologists to a team of Professional Radiology Assistants (PRAs).

PRAs route inbound calls to the reading room, correct study errors, and communicate results to referring physicians and techs on behalf of the radiologists. This service increases the efficiency of physicians by offloading less productive, non-clinical work to assistants. For hospitals and referring facilities, the service makes it easier to get to the right radiologist at the right time, and it vastly improves operational efficiency and patient care.

Increase of Productivity

The Radiology Concierge Service leverages a “Smart Worklist” and a team of PRAs to divert phone calls and other administrative tasks to support personnel who can handle many of the tasks that commonly fall to radiologists in the reading room. By bundling these two solutions together, Canopy Partners has created a highly differentiated offering that can improve a radiologist’s productivity by 5-10%, saving each radiologist 3 to 6 minutes per hour.

Improved Hospital & Radiologist Experience

Two organizations that are having great success with the Radiology Concierge Service are Cone Health and Greensboro Radiology (GR). Based in central North Carolina, Cone Health and GR have used this service for several years resulting in measurable improvements in operational efficiency and radiology satisfaction scores from patients, technologists, and referring physicians.

Steve Shanaberger, Executive Director of Imaging Services at Cone Health, states, “The PRAs serve a vital role in bridging between staff and radiologists. They facilitate faster communication and connection for those varied resources whether it’s a provider or a technologist. From a tech perspective, it is a value-add to be able to share a need and connect with a specific radiologist via the PRA, who does all that legwork. Productivity for the tech as well as the radiologist is maintained – it’s a total advantage.”

"Productivity for the tech as well as the radiologist is maintained – it’s a total advantage.”

Another huge value is the single phone number to get information to and from a radiologist.

“Prior to having the single phone number, it was exasperating for techs and providers to identify and communicate with a specific radiologist. PRAs can make the connection quickly and efficiently,” says Shanaberger.

Dr. Jim Maxwell, Greensboro Radiology’s Physician President, notes, “Our practice has used the Canopy Partners Radiology Concierge Service Desk for eight years. Canopy’s team handles 57,000+ calls per year.” Dr. Maxwell adds, “This frees our physicians up to practice at the top of their medical licenses, and we have received many positive comments from our referring physicians, technologists, nurses, and other people that we interact with on a regular basis.”

The Radiology Concierge Service has enabled Cone Health and Greensboro Radiology to work in a more collaborative manner which has led to improved patient care and turn-around times.