Radiology IT & Management System Integration

Canopy Partners makes system integrations smooth and cost effective

When system “A” combines with system “B,” the monster is putting the two worlds together. Many spend years making it happen; some just quit. Canopy Partners possesses deep knowledge of the latest technology and integration methods. Integrations can open new opportunities for communication and access almost overnight by providing a single platform PACS and Voice Recognition coupled with advanced radiology data analytics, systems integration 24/7 support, and cutting-edge utilization management software.

Integrations do not need to be costly or take years to accomplish.

Accuracy and efficiency do not need to be mutually exclusive. With the right technology and business services, imaging providers can become both at the same time.

Lowering Costs and Improving Patient Care with Integrated Technologies

Changing technologies, upgrades, and mergers often result in multiple vendors and software operating within one healthcare system or firm. Too many unintegrated pieces result in inefficiencies, an increased rate of errors, and excessive costs.

Canopy harnesses the expertise and technology to allow multiple systems to exist under existing infrastructure. This makes it possible for physicians and technicians to continue working in the same fashion while accessing numerous benefits.

Canopy Partners brings a diverse, highly skilled staff to support transitions. IT training and education is a key component to seamless workflows.

“Working closely with Canopy Partners has been very very successful for us. Having all of those images stored into one large database that can easily be pulled back by the radiologist for comparison, as well as the referring physicians, it's a big advantage. It's all available on that timeline."

Chris DeAngelo
Director of Imaging Technology
Alamance Regional Health Center