Unified Worklist

Single Unified Worklist That Allows Radiologists To Read Out Of Multiple PACS Systems

Smart Worklist

Streamline your workflow services with experts in Radiology IT by utilizing custom Radiology workflow solutions that unite all of your systems and software

Proper workflow services play a crucial role in both the daily working life and business needs of a radiology group.  With streamlined Radiology functionality, it’s possible for any practice to become leaner, better functioning and highly effective.  Taking control of your workflow systems is a step in the right direction and can quickly lead to faster turnaround times, more accurate reads and potentially higher reimbursements. 

Canopy Partners is comfortable with that fact that there is not one ‘best practice’ for Radiology workflow.

It’s important to work with a partner that is willing to take the time to understand your needs and proactively find solutions to generate a better quality of life, for both the practice and the radiologist themselves.  Streamlined radiology workflow functionality, is one of single best approaches that groups can take to help eliminate procedural issues and unnecessary system switching.   

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Ready to learn more?

Call 336.274.9617 or fill out the form.

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"Canopy Partners is empowering imaging providers to focus on value-based patient care.  Customized workflow solutions are designed with your goals in mind.  Integrated software platforms and homogenized reading environments.  Our solutions are end to end and customized to fit your needs exclusively."

Stephen Willis
Canopy Partners