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  • A more modernized PACS – Rated at the top of KLAS rankings. Can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.
  • Advanced workflow and productivity tools – Smart worklist, AI tools and a true Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
  • Lower cost – PACS costs have come down significantly in recent years. We can likely save you significant money and structure system as an operating expense requiring less upfront capital.

Canopy Partners does all this as a single source provider. One team and one phone call for everything from solution design and project management to implementation and support (24/7/365). Contact us to learn more about Canopy PACS and our solutions.

"Canopy Partners is empowering imaging providers to focus on value-based patient care.  Customized workflow solutions are designed with your goals in mind.  Integrated software platforms and homogenized reading environments.  Our solutions are end to end and customized to fit your needs exclusively."

Stephen Willis
Canopy Partners

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems are the backbone of modern Radiology.  While technology continues to evolve and change, PACS systems continue to modernize right along with it.  PACS systems are robust solution sets intended to house, recall and archive medical imaging file formats.  In their best iteration, PACS systems are intuitive, responsive and user friendly, while also being flexible to customization needs of the end user.  Radiology groups, as the primary user of PACS, should scrutinize and properly evaluate any new software they plan to adopt.  Working with a partner that understands extensively, the needs of radiology, is an invaluable asset for any practice.

Canopy Partners is deeply rooted in radiology workflow. 

Our mission to elevate the role of imaging in the healthcare value chain and we do this by catering to the needs of highly effective Radiology groups.  Our extensive PACS knowledge will give you the insight you need to make the right decision.  Canopy PACS is an enterprise level system designed to provide customized workflow, user friendly functionality and the tools you need create an efficient, finely tuned, radiology workflow.

Canopy PACS is optimized for low-bandwidth environments, with a customizable workflow.  

Canopy Partners provides an enterprise level PACS solution for radiology groups who need the power and reliability of one of the best systems in the industry. Real-time overview of patient’s clinical history and expertise in end to end radiology solutions.  We design our solutions to allow practices to focus more on patient health and less on IT.

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