Radiology AI Program

A comprehensive AI strategy looking beyond development of products

A One-Stop-Shop Approach to Imaging AI

The value in having a comprehensive AI program—not simply a product—is that a program has been strategically compiled and clinically integrated to improve healthcare outcomes and drive return on investment.

Adopting an AI Program

The radiology market is rapidly moving. According to McKinsey & Co., 93% of key provider decision makers are expected to adopt AI imaging solutions within five years. How do you get there from here? What does a health system or radiology organization need to be thinking about?  

The solution:  A radiology AI program that is so much more than a product. Ours has been carefully curated for your organization and clinically integrated to improve healthcare outcomes and drive ROI.  

Transforming Healthcare Using a Comprehensive AI Program


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Curated Algorithms

There are dozens of companies trying to develop algorithms and get products cleared to FDA market, but who is thinking about effectively integrating these into the radiology workflow? This is what makes us different.

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Validate & Revalidate

It’s not enough to just have AI algorithms. We validate algorithms across data sets, different EMR and IT environments to make sure the results are reliable. Then, we continue to revalidate the data to make sure the data doesn’t drift.

IT Implementation

Our experienced team walks alongside clients from concept to implementation of integrated technology solutions.

Training & Change Management

AI is still new in health systems, and there is not a lot of experience with implementation or resources. We can help train your radiologists, techs, referring physicians and care navigators.

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IT Support 24/7/365

We offer ongoing support when you need it. By filling that gap, we allow your team to continue with your core business, requiring less additional FTE hires.

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Manage Multiple Vendors

Canopy Partners is the right partner with a strategy to manage multiple vendors behind the scenes.

Care Coordination & Follow-Up

We monitor effective communication and provide follow-up support after hospital discharge, resulting in better patient outcomes and less leakage.

Customer Success Management

We’re dedicated to providing continued support that helps the AI program succeed, including a roadmap for the future with new technology advancements.

Transforming Radiology to Accelerate the Quadruple Aim

Patient Care

Improve the Patient Experience

  • Care provided faster and with better outcomes
  • Less time in the hospital
lower costs

Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

  • Decreased LOS
  • Reduced resource waste (e.g., ER throughput)

Improve the Staff Experience

  • Integrated workflow
  • Reduced burnout
  • Improved communication
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Improve Health of the Population

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Right treatment at the right time

Comprehensive AI from a Trusted Radiology Partner

Canopy Partners has a proven track record of transforming radiology. Our national scale allows us to offer a no-risk early adopter program and attractive pricing for our partners. Combining our machine learning artificial intelligence with your radiologists can help your health system run efficiently and raise the standard of patient care.

We specialize in full scope Change Management:

  • Vendor evaluation
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • System testing
  • Workflow optimization
  • Systems integration
  • Level 1 support (24x7x365)

We have the ability to train other stakeholders (techs, nurses, referring MDs, administrators, etc.) who will be users of the software.

In the future, we can assist with implementation of new AI offerings (acute, mammography, IR, oncology, outpatient, etc.). We have learned from experience that the hardest part of AI adoption is change management and physician education and training. We want to help keep radiologists fully engaged and utilizing the system to improve patient care and outcomes. 

Ready to learn more?

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Ready to learn more?

Call 336.274.9617 or fill out the form.

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