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“Working closely with Canopy Partners has been very very successful for us. Having all of those images stored into one large database that can easily be pulled back by the radiologist for comparison, as well as the referring physicians, it's a big advantage. It's all available on that timeline."  - Chris DeAngelo, Director of Imaging Technology, Alamance Regional Health Center

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Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite

As the healthcare industry transitions to Meaningful Use,  ICD-10 and value-based care, Radiologists and medical imaging providers must learn to work smarter and more efficiently.

Canopy Partners offers a state-of-the-art technology suite designed to streamline the workflow and results of diagnostic imaging care. The Canopy Workflow™ suite automates your end-to-end workflow process with secure, accessible, and integrated tools to manage patient images, history, scheduling, and billing as well as physician efficiency and reporting.  We bring imaging professionals advanced Digital Age agility, intelligence, and interoperability. 

Trust Canopy Partners to help you manage time, money, and patient care demands with ease. Everything you need to succeed in a rapidly evolving, value-based care world is covered with Canopy Radiology Workflow Design.



Workflow Architecture for Radiology & Imaging Business

Raising the bar of patient care 

We help medical imaging providers achieve a higher standard of value-base care by enabling 24 x 7 final reads, enhanced sub-specialization, access to studies across multiple entities, faster turnaround times, and more.

Focused exclusively on medical imaging
Deep clinical knowledge and expertise
Partnered with leading providers of enterprise imaging workflow solutions
 Clients include hospitals, health systems, imaging centers, and several of the Top 50 U.S. Radiology practices 
Every client is matched with an account representative that customizes unique solutions
Highly responsive customer support, with impeccable service stats  
IT help desk available 24 x 7 x 365
A true partner, versus a vendor


What We Offer

Canopy Partners delivers the full spectrum of workflow technologies for Radiology and medical imaging providers, including:

VNA - Vendor Neutral Archiving
PACS – Picture Archiving and Communications Systems
Web-based order entry and results
Regional image timelines, enabling access to multiple, disparate PACS systems
Voice recognition and real-time interactive speech technology
Natural language processing
Unified physician worklists
Canopy GRIP
(R) - business analytics software for Radiology practices
Workflow design and consulting services
Implementation and Support
Data migration and conversion 
Outsourced IT Help Desk for workflow applications

These are just a few examples of the time saving, productivity boosting solutions that are available via the Canopy Workflow suite. Our aim is to radically improve your clinical workflow, while simultaneously improving the quality and value of patient care. This is what sets us apart. 

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We collaborate with your team from start to finish – including design, implementation, training, and on-going support.

Workflow best practices
Design and process automation
Systems integration
Turnkey implementations
Full service support


We offer a comprehensive suite of  imaging workflow solutions, designed to help your practice work smarter and faster with full life-cycle management of medical images and clinical content. 

Whether your practice is independent or hospital-owned, and regardless of the size, you will be able to provide a higher level of value-based care with Canopy Workflow solutions.  

Partnering Associations

Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: