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“Canopy brought us a very robust data set that is essentially bulletproof and unarguable in terms of its accuracy.  So, from that starting point of truth, we are able to have very meaningful conversations within our group about what we are currently doing and where we want to be.“

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To provide true value, a cyber security risk assessment must look at risk to the business rather than simply reviewing technology. A successful attack against a server containing critical, sensitive and/or proprietary data represents a significantly different risk paradigm than a successful attack against a web server containing static, publicly available content. Both can result in harm to the organization but the level of harm is different and must be addressed as such. 


Canopy Partners provides security & risk assessment services that focus on:

- identifying technical & operational vulnerabilities

- determining the harm that could result from a breach

- evaluating the likelihood that a breach could occur


We provide our findings and recommendations in terms that are specific to your business giving you the information you need to make good business decisions and mitigate excessive risk in as cost effective a way as possible. Canopy Partners leverages some of the best security professionals in the business. From experience and certification to industry involvement, consultants combine security expertise with passion for what they do to provide you with service and value unparalleled in the industry.




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