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Canopy GRIP

Get a GRIP® on your data with real time web analytics for imaging practices

  • ACO performance scorecards & PQRS metrics
  • Role-based reporting dashboards
  • Analyze data across disparate systems
  • Anytime, anywhere access


Take advantage of advanced technology to gather, retain, and analyze mission critical data. We help you navigate the changing healthcare landscape with a combination of web-based technologies, decision support tools, and professional services.


Real-Time Business Intelligence


Canopy GRIP is a highly customizable reporting platform that delivers real-time business intelligence.  Depending on your reporting system and needs, you could gain access to a wide range of data, including: 

  • Clinical, financial and operational data from across your practice made usable anytime, anywhere
  • Performance scorecards for Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Meaningful Use regulations
  • Physician compensation formula analysis, i.e. value-based reimbursement versus productivity (RVU metrics) compensation
  • Predictive analytics to quantify financial impacts, and revenue pools, of the rapidly changing Value-Based Purchasing legislation
  • PQRS metrics for quality, safety, patient satisfaction and utilization
  • Meaningful Use Dashboards to measure progress across all 15 core requirements embedded in your EHR
  • Pay-for-performance measures

Sample GRIP Reports

Your practice can create a virtually unlimited assortment of custom reports. Examples include:

• Total RVU’s for current logged in physician for today and past 10 days
• Referring Physician Volume Trends
• Patient Registration to Exam Complete Time
• Cancelled Exams
• Monthly TAT Report Per Hospital
• Monthly TAT Reports Per Patient Type 
• Monthly Referring Physician Trends Per Hospital
• Physician Average Dictation Time Per Exam Code
• Nightly Practice Summary Sent to Administrators
• Weekly Individual Performance Summary 
• Quarterly Physician and Practice Summary
• Overall Physician Report Card Summarizing RVU, Reports, Denials, TAT, etc



Contact Us to discuss your business intelligence needs.


Canopy GRIP is designed to put your practice in control of your data, enabling your leadership team to have reliable, real-time decision making information. The system requires a fair amount of initial setup and ongoing maintenance.  Our business analytics team will provide coaching, and your team ultimately will be able to manage the system and keep it current. 


In addition to GRIP reporting technology, Canopy Partners can provide practice management solutions in other areas such as Revenue Cycle Management Services, Coding & Compliance, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources and Managed Care Contract Negotiations.  Canopy Partners is a management service organization with innovative, personalized solutions.  If you should require assistance in these areas, please let us know.

Partnering Associations

Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: