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CARE Eligibility

CARE Eligibility

Get A Comprehensive & Current Picture Of Patient Coverage - In Seconds

CARE Eligibility increases data quality while reducing administrative expenses. The combination of electronic data with payer portal data returns the most comprehensive eligibility and benefit detail, resulting in a clear picture of a patient’s benefits. 


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CARE Eligibility Offerings

Most comprehensive insight into payer coverage

CARE Eligibility automatically retrieves and combines data from payer portals and EDI transactions to present the most complete benefit detail available, including 70+ payers without EDI offerings. Accurate coverage is quickly identified, from both commercial and government payers, including Exchange plans. EligibilityPlus even supports Medicare DDE eligibility checking.

Checks on coverage availability for self-pay patients

There’s no need to pay an external vendor to perform this important task—the data service automatically verifies pre- and post-service if patients that identify as “self-pay” qualify for commercial or Medicaid coverage.

Actionable intelligence decreases eligibility-related denials

The most complete and up-to-date picture of patient coverage for hundreds of plans is at your fingertips. As an extra measure of protection, it even provides intelligent alerting of denial risk.

Seamless eligibility-checking experience

CARE Eligibility easily integrates with major systems like Epic. The engine boosts patient estimation features and other workflows.

Canopy CARE 

Clinical Automated Referral Engine 

Canopy CARE is an end-to-end automated referral management platform for medical imaging providers.  This advanced healthcare software helps your practice provide a streamlined patient experience while simultaneously reducing claims denials and accelerating cash collections. Canopy CARE bundles together Eligibility Verification, Payment Estimation, Authorization Status Updates & Denial Prevention.








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