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Interview With Jallel Harrati 

VP, Enterprise Imaging Workflow - Philips Healthcare

“I think a unique attribute of what Canopy has been able to do is to provide their customers the experience of enjoying a regional timeline.  By giving their customers access to any images that have been done throughout the region can only achieve one thing, which is greater patient care for the population of that region."  

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Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) 

Federated Image and Content Management

In the new era of accountable care, health systems and providers are searching for ways to archive and manage their clinical content using scalable, low-cost, vendor-neutral technologies. For these reasons, VNA is one of the fastest adopting technologies in healthcare. VNA facilitates full life-cycle management of medical imaging content:  DICOM images, visible light, and unstructured data (pdf’s, jpegs, videos, etc), at a fraction of the cost of traditional PACS. 

If your hospital or imaging practice is searching for a more effective and affordable way to manage clinical images across all departments and entities, consider Canopy VNA.  We deliver VNA with multiple deployment options (premise, cloud, backup, or hybrid combinations), and offer flexible payment options, including capital purchase and cost-per-study.

Features include:

  • Cloud-based storage of images, presentations, reports, timelines as well as physician requests and reports and non-DICOM content and protocols. Electronic medical record (EMR) and health information exchanges (HIE) image-available and adaptable to changing standards
  • Zero-footprint/install viewers, entirely HTML-5-based. The cloud-based system delivers images, patient records, and radiology reports to any device or workstation you choose within the network. Safe and accessible documents and images with our seamless Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) and traditional Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)
  • Vendor-neutral archives that leverage zero-footprint viewers, enabling use across multiple platforms, devices and applications, including EMRs. It’s all on a federated data platform, which maximizes mobility and a smooth workflow across clinical domains
  • Automated image hanging protocols and optimal image layout featuring multi-volume linked displays, 3D navigators, multi-dynamic splitting, and 4D movie visualization
  • Patient history displayed chronologically and intuitively, including diagnostic reports, exam notes, clinical history, and images, allowing physician collaboration for better patient care
  • Worklists that enable communication between all specialists using real-time patient history, such as timeline, diagnostic reports, exam notes, and images
  • Direct integration with clinical systems (PACS, VR and worklists), integrated results, billing data capture and demographics
  • Powerful, intuitive web-based workflow features maximize efficiency, communication, and reporting
  • Integration to your ACO and IHE


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