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Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Management 

Accelerate cash flow and reduce expenses with state-of-the-art medical billing systems


  • Outsourced billing solutions
  • Practice management services
  • Physician credentialing
  • ICD-10 Compliance
  • Offshore coding and staff augmentation 


Canopy Cashflow takes the complexity and uncertainty out of billing and reimbursement with a suite of complimentary services that begin before you ever see a patient.  We deliver innovative strategies that reduce administrative overhead and processes. With Canopy Partners, you'll get expert guidance and unparalleled support from a team with many years of healthcare RCM experience.


Outsourced Billing Solutions


Canopy provides a turnkey outsourced billing program for medical imaging practices, reducing administrative overhead and optimizing net collections yield.  Our clients include radiology groups, small to mid-size imaging practices, and multiple radiation oncology practices.

  • Integrated clinical, financial and operational data across all major vendor systems
  • Financial clearance solutions that reduce denials, improve reimbursement and pre-determine ability to pay, such as claims testing and verification
  • Manage and monitor payer contracts and denials
  • Sophisticated cost accounting tools
  • Detailed information about patient utilization and outcomes
  • Analyze contract performance and manage terms, credentialing and revenue
  • Support system to implement Accountable Care and healthcare reform initiatives
  • Quality indicator checks that identify incomplete documentation
  • Performance-based reimbursement model
  • Facilitate revenue assistance with financial partners when needed
  • Monthly account status meetings
  • Compliance charge capture, accurate coding, billing, & claims filing 
  • Appeals, collections, and follow-up
  • Payment posting, revenue reconciliation, and refunds processing
  • Routine and special audits of coding, compliance, timeliness, and completeness
  • A/R analysis and monthly management reports
  • On-demand, standard, and custom reports


ICD-10 Compliance


The healthcare industry is in a frenzy trying to prepare for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 (with 69,000 diagnosis codes) prior to the mandated October 2015 deadline.  Canopy Partners is ready for ICD-10, and our experts can help your practice navigate this major conversion successfully. We offer a comprehensive ICD-10 Impact Assessment that covers coding training, practice coding, and documentation gap analytics.  We can also assist your team with dual coding and ICD-10 readiness tests and audits.  

ICD-10 compliance is too important to leave to chance. The risks of complications and cash flow disruption are too great. Canopy Partners is ready in advance, and we can guide and support you every step of the way.


Physician Credentialing


Canopy Partners provides payer and hospital credentialing services, including provider enrollment and obtaining hospital privileges.  We work with Radiology professionals of all specialties and assist with enrollment in all insurance networks (Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance). We can customize a credentialing solution to fit any size need or organization. 

Provider enrollment services for physicians and healthcare entities (credentialing and contracting with health plans)
Medicare provider enrollment and re-validation services
Credentials verification for physicians and ancillary healthcare providers
Network management for health plans
Outsourced hospital privileging (outsourced medical staff office)
Managed care contracting
Healthcare administration consulting services


Offshore Coding and Staff Augmentation


If your company is considering offshore resources, Canopy Partners can provide a highly trained international team that can improve accuracy, accelerate turnaround time, and reduce your coding and data entry costs.  We can provide staffing resources for:  


 A/R Follow-up and Denials

 Payment Posting
 Eligibility Checks

• Diagnostic Coding

• IR Coding                        


FTEs are based on 40 hours per week.  Payment posters post and coders code during our nighttime hours and A/R Representatives work during our daytime hours.  Coding turnaround time is 48 hours.  Accuracy rate is 95%+ for coding, payment posting and A/R follow-up and denials.  

Canopy has conducted the due diligence every healthcare provider requires to ensure patient privacy and trust, including HIPPA compliance. We have weighed the costs and promises involved with sub-contracting RCM functions.  We help you overcome cash flow bottlenecks and the complexities of billing and collection with a suite of complimentary offshore services.


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Partnering Associations

Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: