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Welcome To Canopy Partners

The medical imaging industry is experiencing transformational change. Practices are competing for survival and relevance in an era of mergers, consolidations, and decreasing reimbursements.  In order to maintain stability and independence, imaging groups must adapt quickly and learn to work efficiently, doing more with less.  

This new paradigm requires imaging professionals to think differently and demand more from their systems and business partners.  The groups that survive will be those that offer sub-specialized care and higher quality results with faster turnaround times. They must also keep current with ever-changing regulations like Meaningful Use and ICD-10 Compliance. To achieve these heightened standards, practice leaders will have to invest strategically in business process improvement: new technologies, data analytics, systems integration, and streamlined workflow.  That’s where Canopy Partners comes in.

Canopy Partners is a technology and business services provider dedicated to the medical imaging space.  We are 100% focused on delivering solutions that propel your imaging practice forward.  Our team has deep industry experience, and a track record of proven success. We provide highly specialized IT and business solutions that work exactly the way you need them to.  In a highly competitive and rapidly changing profession, you should expect nothing less.

Our passion is elevating the role of imaging in the healthcare value chain.  We are focused on improving the productivity, profitability, and patient care of medical imaging practices. We specialize in creating flexible, customer-driven solutions in billing, business analytics, and information technology, all supported by our management consulting services.



Partnering Associations

Canopy Partners is deeply committed to advancing the medical imaging profession.  Our associates are board members and/or active members of the industry’s leading associations, including: